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Glasgow Film Festival

Oscar star Aaron guests at studio launch

Quinton Aaron and Michael Howell
Quinton Aaron and Michael Howell (contributed)

Actor ‘fascinated’ by iMetaFilm

Quinton Aaron, who co-stars with Sandra Bullock in Oscar-winning feature film The Blind Side made a special guest appearance at the opening of iMetaFilm’s Glasgow studio.

He attended with Jonny Paterson, the producer of his new film Halfway ahead of its international premiere at the Glasgow Film Theatre as part of the Glasgow Film Festival.

iMetaFilm uses revolutionary film digitisation technology to convert motion picture film reels to fully accessible, searchable digital files.

The company, co-founded by husband and wife team Michael and Linda Howell, has recently restored films from pre-revolution Cuba, and footage showing the forward-thinking care offered by Erskine Hospital over 50 years ago.  

It has developed a patented method of storing metadata in films that enables the inclusion of key information including subtitles, languages, soundtracks, advertising and tags, allowing the films to be easily archived and preserved for future generations.

The technology also allows customers to preview digitised footage at a low cost before deciding whether to opt to fully digitise and archive a film.

Quinton Aaron said: “It’s an honour to be asked to help iMetaFilm launch their Glasgow studio. This is my first time in the city, but I know the company has been making a name for itself in the film industry recently.

“It’s been fascinating learning about the work that iMetaFilm does. In my career in the film industry, I haven’t come across anything similar.”

Jonny Paterson said: “”I don’t come back to Scotland as often as I would like to, but it’s very exciting to see how the country’s film industry continues to develop and grow. iMetaFilm is in a strong position to make a significant contribution to the sector not just in Scotland or the UK, but internationally.

“Film is an important part of modern culture and our sense of who we are. Looking after our film heritage is as important as supporting the production of new films.”


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