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Firm aims to break into market

Energy supply couple close to fund deadline

Peter Lederer
Backer: Peter Lederer (photo by Terry Murden – DB Media Services)

Our Energy appeals for donors

A couple seeking to break the grip of the big six energy suppliers are hoping for a flurry of late donations to help them hit their £450,000 fund-raising target.

Entrepreneurs David Pike and Karin Sode have so far attracted more than £300,000 for Our Energy which will give 75% of profits back to consumers.

Chaired by former Gleneagles Hotel chairman Peter Lederer, it will also offer free energy to those who donate to the crowdfund campaign which closes at midnight on Friday.

The project is expected to go ahead after passing £200,000 and is aiming to become operational this year. It will provide two simple tariffs, ‘lean’ and ‘green’, respectively the cheapest and most environmentally-friendly supply the company can offer.

It has received support so far from more than 1,450 backers on the Crowdfunder platform.

Urging more people to back the campaign, he said: “By attracting further funding, more customers can reap the benefits of a democratic and transparent energy supplier,” he said.

Ms Sode, who has worked with John Lewis, Scottish Power, and Skyscanner. said: “We have been amazed by the positive response we have had from people, not just through their pledges, but also in the many positive comments we have had.

“There is an absolute desire to change how essential services are provided to people in our communities. People are expressing a hunger to be part of a business model that returns ownership of a natural resource to them and is built on sharing rather than grabbing.”

Customers will be represented on the board, have voting rights on business decisions and be informed of all costs involved in running the energy business.

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