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Labour steps up indyref2 opposition

Dugdale launches ‘movement for a new Scotland’

Kezia Dugdale speaking
Kezia Dugdale (photo by Terry Murden)

Scottish Labour has launched what leader Kezia Dugdale called her “movement for a new Scotland” by urging the public to campaign against a second independence referendum.

She invited signatories to a petition on in her keynote speech to Scottish Labour’s conference in Perth.

“This is our movement for a new Scotland,” Miss Dugdale said, revealing that she will join a summit with former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Labour representatives from the UK party, Wales and the regions of England to set out how the party will take forward plans for a People’s Constitutional Convention.

Scottish Labour has formally adopted a policy of federalism for the United Kingdom and Miss Dugdale said the party will never support independence.

I do not want another referendum on breaking up the UK. Our country still bears the scars of the last one, and no one wants to go through that again any time soon.

“That’s why Labour will never support one in the Scottish Parliament.”

However, the conference was clouded by a controversial address by London Mayor Sadiq Khan who likened nationalist separation to other attempts at dividing society.

John Lamont, Scottish Conservative chief whip, said:  “Kezia Dugdale’s speech today has been entirely over-shadowed by the shambolic nature of this conference and the intervention by the London Mayor.

“The chaos we’re seeing in Perth only serves to demonstrate – once again – that Scottish Labour is a total mess and simply can’t be trusted to hold the SNP to account. 

“Kezia Dugdale’s big idea of a petition against a second referendum is laughable. It comes seven months after Ruth Davidson launched our own. What’s more, this is the same Kezia Dugdale who, only a year ago, was saying her MSPs could vote for independence if they wished.

“The truth is only the Scottish Conservatives can be trusted to campaign four square against the Nationalists’ attempt to impose a second referendum on Scotland.

“After this weekend of chaos, nobody can have any faith in Scottish Labour to provide the strong opposition Scotland so desperately needs.

SNP Depute Leader Angus Robertson MP has said that the Scottish Labour conference in Perth has shown once again that they have given up on being a plausible opposition and have become a ‘shambolic mess’ who have been ‘rolled over’ by the Tories on Brexit.

Mr Robertson MP commented: ”If Scottish Labour spent half as much time taking the fight to the Tories as they did attacking the principled progessive values of the SNP they might actually start to sound like a plausible opposition rather than the pointless – shambolic mess they have become.  

”Their plans for federalism are delusional, as they don’t carry UK wide support, and they are in denial about the reality of Brexit.

“Labour’s actions are a shameful surrender to the Tories on a hard Brexit which threatens to take Scotland and the rest of the UK off an economic cliff edge with catastrophic consequences for jobs and livelihoods.”

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