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Chocolate fans boost ice cream sales at Mackie’s

Mac and Karin Mackie (contributed)

Chocoholics helped Aberdeenshire based Mackie’s of Scotland mark its 30th year of making ice cream with a rise in turnover.

Income for the year to 31 May 2016 rose from £11.4 million to £12.2m and the firm attributes the gain to a £1m investment in its chocolate range, now made in a custom-built factory on the farm.

Gerry Stephens, finance director, said: “Contracts with Co-op, Tesco and Sainsbury’s have ensured a 74% increase in chocolate sales which is in line with our forecasts and target to reach £4m sales in chocolate by 2020.

The family firm has an 8% share of the UK wide market for all take home premium ice cream with over 50% of the company’s sales outwith Scotland. Exports account for 7% of sales.

Operating profits are up marginally to £1.24m, a result of increased sales in both branded and own-label products along with the export sales growth in new markets.

One of three sibling owners and Managing Director at Mackie’s of Scotland, Mac Mackie, said: “We have made progress in every part of the business. Our 30th birthday has resulted in another profitable year.

“This has been invested in new equipment for making tubs to help cut our footprint further, the new chocolate factory and our commitment to renewable energy.

“We are confident that our programme of continued re-investment will lead to the chocolate becoming established as another of the country’s favourite treats and as an attractive product for our export customers.

“New product development remains absolutely intrinsic to the Mackie’s brand – and the coming months will see us introducing new sized chocolate bars and new flavours across our ranges as customers increasingly look to try new combinations.”

On top of heavy investment in their chocolate factory, a fourth wind turbine and 1.8MW solar farm have also seen Mackie’s move towards their goal to become 100% self-sufficient in renewable energy.

The company is now 70% powered by its own electricity from Wind, Solar and Biomass energy and surplus energy is sold to the 100% renewable energy provider Good Energy.

It is due to make its first foray into retail, as it takes a space at the Marischal Square development in Aberdeen city centre for an ice cream parlour and coffee shop.

Photo: Mac and Karin Mackie

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