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Scots-Irish collaboration

Brewer launches whiskey-aged stout

Teeling DistilleryScottish brewer Innis & Gunn has teamed up with Teeling Whiskey to create a limited edition stout.

Kith & Kinn is barrel-aged in Teeling’s small batch Irish Whiskey to produce a 5.8% ABV beer. 

The Innis & Gunn brewing team developed the stout to specifically complement the flavours drawn from the whiskey barrels.

Unlike the toasted oak characteristics from Scotch whisky barrels, Irish whiskey barrels deliver a much lighter and sweeter flavour. 

Innis & Gunn is producing 130,000 bottles of Kith & Kinn which is a Scottish phrase for ‘friends & family’.

As part of the collaboration, the barrels used to age the stout were returned to Dublin-based Teeling to be used in the maturation of a stout finished whiskey which Teeling will release in the spring.

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