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Brave move for Dobbie to TRC Media

Andrew Dobbie
Andrew Dobbie with Claire Scally (left) and Margaret Scott of TRC Media

Andrew Dobbie, founding director of Scottish digital creative agency MadeBrave, has joined the board of TRC Media.

The not-for-profit charity works runs training programmes in the TV and digital media industries.

Mr Dobbie was one of the 2015 delegates chosen for TRC’s flagship Cross Creative programme for senior technology and creative professionals in Scotland’s digital media sector.

He said: “TRC’s Cross Creative initiative in California, where we met companies like Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox, was a game-changer for me and others who made the trip. 

“To spend quality time with senior guys in their working environment was the kind of education and learning curve that would be hard to find anywhere else on the planet. 

“So, it was an easy ‘yes’ for me when asked to join the team, contribute to the next cycle at TRC and be an ambassador for all the great things they do for the digital business community in Scotland and across the UK.”

The TRC board now comprises Andrew Chitty, Stuart Cosgrove, Helen Blenkinsop, Neville Manuel, Donald-Iain Brown, Nina Bhagwat and Andrew Dobbie.

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