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President elect in robust exchange

Trump in explosive ‘fake news’ outburst

Incoming US president Donald Trump railed at the intelligence agencies and various media organisations in a robust and controversial first press conference since his election.

Mr Trump accused US intelligence of leaking reports containing compromising allegations about him, and claimed the media was spreading ‘fake news’. He accused those of leaking the report of being ‘sick’.

In one heated exchange he refused to take questions from a reporter working for the CNN news service.

Pointing at the reporter, he said: “Not you. Your organisation’s terrible, You are fake news,” he said.

The allegations focus on alleged activities in the same hotel suite in Moscow were Mr and Mrs Obama stayed.

“Its all fake news. It’s phoney. It didn’t happen,” he said.

Mr Trump, who said his first day in office will be 23 January, attacked Obamacare and said US car companies were now returning investment to the country.

He talked up his own reputation, saying his election would bring greater respect for the US than had been achieved by previous presidents.

He said he would be handing over control of his business interests to his sons.

Trump in brief

On the online news service Buzzfeed:  “A failing pile of garbage. I think they are going to suffer the consequences.”

On Vladimir Putin and relations with Russia: “Russia will have greater respect for our country with me leading it than when others led it”

On foreign relations: “All countries will respect us more than under past administrations.”

On his predecessor’s flagship policy: “Obamacare is a complete and utter disaster.”

On companies moving out of the US: ‘The word is out … it’s not going to happen any more”

On the BBC: “That’s another beauty.”

On his plans to build a wall across the Mexico border: “Whether it’s a tax or if it’s a payment, Mexico will reimburse us”.

On China: “Taking total advantage of us economically.”

On handing over control of his business interests to his sons: “I hope at the end of eight years that I come back, otherwise if they did a bad job I’ll come back and say: ‘You’re fired’.”

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