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Medics create Joint Solutions to tackle rehab

Joint SolutionsA group of medical professionals have launched an injury rehabilitation service for the public which is normally only available to sports men and women.

Joint Solutions has been created by Dr Carrie McCrea, a highly experienced sports and exercise physician, Tim White, a consultant orthopaedic and trauma surgeon, Sam Molyneux, a specialist trauma and orthopaedic surgeon and Louise Imrie, a specialist sports physiotherapist with previous experience of caring for Olympic level athletes, with other leading specialists also on board.

The business is part of The Edinburgh Clinic, a private day-case hospital founded in 2008 and owned by Aspen Healthcare.

Commenting on the launch of the Edinburgh-based service, Mr White said: “Physical inactivity and obesity are the largest morbidity factors today, yet you can add quality years to your life by making the right nutrition and exercise decisions.” 

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