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Constitutional campaigner Canon Kenyon Wright has died at the age of 84 (click for more)

Canon Wright was the executive chair of the Scottish constitutional convention from 1989-99 and a member of the consultative steering group on the Scottish Parliament.

In 2014 he backed a Yes vote in the independence referendum.

The Scottish Government said Canon Wright died peacefully at home. A family funeral will take place next week, with a memorial service to follow.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: “He is a great loss to Scotland’s political, civic and religious communities. His input to the creation of the Scottish Parliament cannot be overstated.

“His chairmanship of the Scottish constitutional convention, which led to the creation of the Scottish Parliament, was testament to his strength of character, tenacity and charisma.

“He was able to bring together the different strands of Scottish politics and society to achieve consensus about the way ahead for Scottish devolution.”

The former First Minister Alex Salmond described him as “one of the great spirits of the movement of self-government” and said his passing “will be mourned by many”.

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said: “His work and tireless campaigning with the Scottish Constitutional Convention is a vital reason why we have a Scottish Parliament today. For generations to come there will be a parliament in Edinburgh that makes decisions affecting the everyday lives of Scots, and that is the wonderful legacy he leaves behind.

“The day before the Scottish Parliament opened in 1999, Canon Kenyon Wright handed the Claim of Right to Donald Dewar. That document now resides in the Donald Dewar Room in the Scottish Parliament, a fitting reminder of what was achieved by these giants of Scotland’s devolution movement.”

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