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Cash crisis online magazine soldiers on

Scottish online social and political magazine Bella Caledonia, which campaigned on the independence issue, will continue publishing, its board has decided.

Its editor announced this week that he was calling it a day, but the board has agreed that the site will be restructured.

Writer and co-founder Kevin Williamson said: “This weekend’s closure announcement by Mike Small arose from the constant pressure of being the sole individual responsible for almost every aspect of Bella’s publicity, production, commissioning and financing.”

Co-founder Mr Small has agreed to stay on. The board said in a statement that the website will keep publishing content but the company behind Bella Caledonia will close and re-start as a “media collective.”

Mr Small and and Williamson launched the website at the Radical Book Fair in Edinburgh in October 2007.

It publishes articles in Gaelic and in Scots and enjoyed a surge in readership during the Scottish independence referendum in 2014.

The advisory board said that it would close “unless an urgent fundraising appeal can be met.

Mr Small said on the site: “Thanks to everyone for their support over the years, to the board members and writers who gave their time and to everybody who supported us financially and who took part in the debate.

“Couldn’t quite manage to do it.”

It was not clear how his role will be restructured.

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