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Chaos for commuters

Forth Road Bridge re-opens as lorry removed

Lorry on Forth Road Bridge
Photo: Traffic Scotland

Chaos in high winds

The Forth Road bridge has reopened after the overturned lorry was lifted and removed.

The lorry caused damage to about 40m of steelwork in the centre of the bridge, which engineers have been working to repair.

It was feared that the work would take several days but the lorry was eventually removed.

Police said a 54-year-old man has been charged with dangerous driving.

Both carriageways had to be closed, forcing drivers to divert via Kincardine Bridge.

Traffic Scotland had to bring in a crane to recover the HGV but it was hindered by high winds which have caused disruption elsewhere, including power cuts.

A spokesman for the haulage company, Dumfries-based Currie European, said it was mainly concerned for the welfare of the driver.

It declined to make further comment in the light of the ongoing investigation.


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