Transport minister faces penalty

Yousaf caught driving without car insurance

Humza YousafTransport minister Humza Yousaf has been caught driving without insurance and faces a fine of up to £5,000.

Mr Yousaf was stopped by police during a routine check on the A835 near Dingwall, Easter Ross, last Friday.

He said it was a “genuine mistake” which came about because of a mix-up following his split from his wife. She remained the main policyholder, meaning he was only insured for his own car.

When he was stopped the minister was said to have been on his way to a St Andrews’ Day dinner in Ullapool.

He told The Sun: “The police pulled me over for a roadside check. There was nothing wrong with the car, no lights out, I wasn’t speeding, there was no accident.

“They asked for my licence and did a routine check for insurance. They asked if I was insured and I said,’Absolutely, yes’. But they put it through their computer and they said, ‘No’.”

Mr Yousaf now faces a fine of between £300 and £5,000 plus six penalty points on his licence.


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