Newspaper avoids missing weekend

Sunday Post publishing on Saturday

sunday-postThe Sunday Post will be published on Saturday this weekend to avoid missing an issue caused by Sunday falling on Christmas Day.

The paper, owned by Dundee-based DC Thomson, has an audited sale of 155,000. It will sell alongside the Christmas Eve  edition of The Courier.

It is likely to be the only Sunday paper on sale this weekend with most newsrooms operating on skeleton staff levels.

The festive break is causing a double headache for Sunday papers as the following Sunday is New Year’s Day when some shops will be closed.

While some corner shop newsagents are likely to open, many are likely to do so for just a few hours.

Supermarkets are operating reduced hours. Aldi and Lidl are closed all day, while the big four are mainly shut until 10am. Some smaller express stores are closed all day.

There are no trains on New Year’s day which means shops on concourses will be closed.

The Sunday Post has not said much publicly about its plans, but it could expect to pick up readers from other titles.

It was asked to comment and a response is awaited.






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