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Martin leaves SCDI to take on ‘fresh challenges’

Ross MartinRoss Martin, chief executive of the Scottish Council for Development & Industry (SCDI) is to stand down from the organisation after three years to seek fresh challenges. 

In a statement issued today he said that he looked forward to taking on challenges in his next role but gave no further details about his plans.

Brendan Dick, chairman, said:  “Ross will leave SCDI with the good wishes of the board and members alike.

“He has strengthened our policy proposition, represented our members well and was a key driving force in bringing Scotland’s city regions together to drive economic growth and think more imaginatively about the future.

“He has done so at a time of great turbulence and I thank him for his skilful, and always energetic, navigation of often difficult territories.”

Mr Martin said: “I have greatly enjoyed my time at SCDI, which remains an important institution and one which can act as a bridge between the Scottish and UK governments during these challenging political times.

“We’ve achieved a huge amount in the past three years at SCDI identifying and articulating the key challenges for Scotland’s Economy: improving productivity, increasing innovation and driving internationalisation.

“I look forward to taking on these challenges in my next role. I wish to thank the team – and especially the members – at SCDI for its support and I wish the organisation well.”


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