Speciality meats on menu

Dundee firm serves up buffalo and ostrich

christian-nissenEntrepreneur Christian Nissen has secured a deal with UK supermarkets for his range of buffalo and ostrich meat.

Mr Nissen has invested £1 million in expanding the Outlanddish offering from his Dundee-based business Highland Game

The idea for Outlandish was born from a passion to create a brand new category for meats in the UK and to satisfy the nation’s appetite for high-quality, provenance led, great tasting proteins.

The new range of speciality meats aims to bring some of the world’s most sought-after and exceptional products from land, sea and sky to households across the UK. 

Mr Nissen travelled the world to hand-pick the finest suppliers to create these products, including Wagyu beef from some of the world’s finest Wagyu Bulls in Jack’s Creek Australia, two-time winner of the World Steak Challenge, Ostrich from South Africa, and the finest Iberico Pork from Southern Spain. 

He said: “We went to intrepid lengths to source some of the world’s most exciting meats that deliver on flavour, quality and provenance.

“We know that shoppers are becoming increasingly experimental in their own kitchens and relish the adventure of trying out new flavours and ingredients.

“I hand-picked and visited every supplier in order to ensure that they met our exacting standards.”


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