Cost rockets to £6m

Tram inquiry ‘may cost more than Chilcot’

Edinburgh TramsThe cost of an inquiry into the Edinburgh tram project has rocketed to more than £ 6million – despite Scottish Government promises it would not go above £1m.

There are fears that it could end up costing more than the £10.2m spent on the Chilcot Inquiry into Iraq.

Lord Hardie is not due to finish his report into the trams overspend until 2018 at the earliest and the cost has soared even though no witnesses have been called.

Building the single tram line through Edinburgh cost £776million – more than double its original estimate.

A Scottish Government spokesman estimated the total cost of the inquiry at £6.5m.

He said: “The budget for 2017-18 has not been determined but we would expect that is would conclude in that year.”

Scottish Conservative MSP Miles Briggs said: “This is clearly in danger of becoming more expensive than the farcical Chilcot inquiry.”

> More passengers are using the buses to travel to Edinburgh airport because the tram is regarded as too expensive.

The proportion of travellers taking the tram has fallen and three times as many use buses, according to a report by the Airport Operators Association.

Only 8% of journeys were by tram, down from 10% over a comparative earlier period, and 25% who travelled by bus.

Tram tickets cost £5.50 single and £8.50 return – which are both £1 more than Lothian Buses’ Airlink service.


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