Ewing steps up to top role

Stuart leaves tech investor group Informatics

Gordon Stuart at this year's EIE (photo by Terry Murden)
Gordon Stuart at EIE (photo by Terry Murden)

Gordon Stuart has retired as director of operations at the technology group Informatics Ventures and has been succeeded by programme manager Steve Ewing.

Mr Stuart led the organisation for more than four years and has seen it develop into Scotland’s biggest agency for matching investors with fast-growth technology firms.

He told Daily Business he is in “semi retirement” as he will continue work with early stage companies.

He spent almost 20 years as a technologist in advanced product R&D both in the UK and internationally and returned to Scotland to establish an R&D centre for a multi-national corporation.

In he co-founded Spektra, which in 2001 was Scotland’s fastest growing technology company.

Seven years later he was named one of Scotland’s science and technology big hitters and in 2016 as one of the 50 people from Scotland’s technology industries who are changing the world.

With Informatics Ventures he was responsible for the annual Engage-Invest-Exploit (EIE) events, a premier showcase for early stage technology companies seeking investment. EIE has been exported from Edinburgh to London and China.

Prior to joining Informatics Ventures, Mr Ewing worked as senior business development executive on the Design Informatics Resident Entrepreneurs programme.

Before that he worked as a biotechnology and pharmaceuticals equities analyst for Deutsche Bank and WestLB Panmure in the City of London.

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