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Legalesign sees growth in e-signatures

legalesignAn Edinburgh company is at the forefront of electronic signatures following a ruling that has accelerated their use.

On 1 July, the European Union implemented new rules for electronic signatures, giving them the same legal weight as their “wet” – or ink-based – written counterparts.

The new eIDAS (European Identity and Trust Services) regulation has effectively put an end to a confusing patchwork of laws, making them consistent across every EU country.

The technology has been around for a while, but adoption in the UK is taking off “because people are starting to believe in it,” says Richard Croft, chief communications officer at software company Legalesign.

The company is seeing its software now being used in a number of applications.

Ben Eliott, CEO Legalesign, said it is now a key benefit for event managers and especially for event registrations.

Legalesign has recently launched an online witness product, enabling business people to sign contracts by typing their name, signing with a mouse or uploading their signature.

The signature is made in the presence of a witness, and the ID of the signatory is verified over email. The final document is tamper-proofed using an encrypted digital certificate.

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