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Calls to ‘right a wrong’ on women’s pensions

Mhairi Black - unfair
Mhairi Black – unfair

A new call  to “right a wrong” on women’s pension inequality will be issued by the SNP today who call for the Chancellor to take action in the Autumn Statement.

SNP MPs have criticised the UK government for “ducking their responsibility” to millions of women hit by unfair pension changes.

In a Westminster Hall debate on the acceleration of the state pension age for women born in the 1950s, Ian Blackford and Mhairi Black (pictured) will call on the government to act and implement the transitional measures needed to deliver justice to the Local Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) group.  

The debate, which has received cross-party support, follows on from a long-standing campaign by SNP MPs with WASPI women who have been affected by pension changes.

The SNP has argued that transitional measures to mitigate the issue would cost significantly less than the UK government’s £30 billion figure, with independent research commissioned by the SNP showing the cost would only sit at £8 billion.  

Mr Blackford, the SNP’s Pensions spokesperson, said: “The UK government has for far too long been ducking their responsibility on introducing measures that would deliver justice to WASPI campaigners and millions of those affected by the rapid rises to the State Pension Age.

“This Westminster Hall debate is another step towards ensuring that the contract the UK government has broken with these women is lived up to. I urge the Chancellor to right a monumental wrong and lay out in his Autumn Statement plans to mitigate the impact pension inequality has had on WASPI campaigners.

“Our proposals would delay the increase in pensionable age which is currently increasing at three months for every month meaning a woman born in early 1954 will be nearly two and a half years older than a woman born a year earlier before she gets her pension.

“Slowing the rate of pensionable age increases would cost £7.9 billion up to 2020/21, easily affordable with the national insurance fund expected to be at a near £30 billion surplus next year.”

Ms Black, who has campaigned for WASPI women, said: “If the Chancellor fails to address the issue of unequal pensions for the women affected in the Autumn Statement then it will only echo the UK government’s continued deafening silence and lack of action.

“If we have billions of pounds to be able to house nuclear weapons then the government surely has the money to pay these women their overdue and earned pensions.

“Independent figures have shown the UK government have inflated the figure on how much it would cost for transitional measures.”

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  1. I was sent a letter at the age of 58 stating that at 60 I would recieve full pension and stating the amount. I had absolutely no knowledge that there was any change in this until a year later I dicovered that they had sudenly changed the law for womens pension age and I had to wait a further 6 years. I found this incredible that I had recieved a letter recently stating I was to recieve full pension at the age of 60.

  2. Please,can somebody tell me if the WASPI issues have been addressed at government talks? I am a sixty one year old widow living alone and the only guaranteed income when my widows pension stops in December 2017,will be my occupational pension .The clock is ticking for me and others.
    I think it is grossly unfair to be left in this appalling financial situation when I have more than forty years N.I.contributions.maybe it is time to take Emily Pankhursts protest on board to be heard.

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