Social enterprise launched

Charities to benefit from a drop of Ginerosity

Harry's Bar staff ready to serve
Harry’s Bar staff ready to serve

Gin for good causes goes on sale

The world’s first ‘social enterprise’ gin was launched to the market at a party last night where guests were treated to a taste test.

Ginerosity is made by Pickering’s Gin at its Summerhall distillery in Edinburgh and £6 of every bottle sold will go to good causes.

Pickering’s founders Marcus Pickering and Matt Gemmell together with Dave Mullen, who is executive creative director of Story UK, have teamed up with drinks industry specialist Dave Moore and social entrepreneur Chris Thewlis who hosted last night’s event at his Harry’s Bar in the city’s west end.

Serving cocktails with the new gin
Serving cocktails with the new gin


Mr Pickering said Ginerosity was about “turning people’s fortunes around,” adding that “helping others doesn’t mean forgoing a bit of luxury.

“We want people to be able to enjoy themselves, experience a beautiful gin, and help others at the same time.”

Profits will fund opportunities for young people and a panel will assess applications. It will be chaired by Alex Bruce, managing director of Adelphi Distillery.


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