Trade body's safety concern

Ministers urged to regulate electricians

Newell McGuinnessA trade body wants electricians to be regulated in the same way as those who work in the gas industry.

Select, which represents those working as qualified electricians, is lobbying the Scottish government to recognise that allowing untrained electricians to work without regulatory protection is a danger to them and to consumers.

Head of external affairs, David Wright, said that the risk posed to Scotland’s householders increases as the number of individuals portraying themselves as ‘electricians’ gets bigger and bigger.

He said: “I’m an economist by training, but I could start up in business as an electrician tomorrow.

“Incredibly, it is not illegal to do that – but we believe that it most certainly should be.  So that, when we are in our homes of an evening, we can enjoy the same protection from electrical risks as we currently do from gas fault.”

Mr Wright said that before Christmas the Minister and the Scottish Government’s ‘Better Regulation’ team will receive a report from Select which puts the case for statutory “Regulation of Electrician as a Profession” to bring Scotland into line with other civilised European countries.

Newell McGuiness, Select’s managing director, said: “It has been a long standing goal of ours to achieve regulation for our industry because the population of Scotland is being exposed to unreasonable risks associated with electrocution and fire without even being aware of this.

“Electrical installation is a safety critical occupation and it’s time for Scotland’s politicians to acknowledge that where there is electricity, there is danger – and to do the right thing.”

Select’s 1,200 members account for around 90% of all electrical installation work carried out in Scotland.


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