New service for diners

IT specialist develops direct tipping app

Mark with Katy Lang, waitress at The Granary, Leith (photo by Terry Murden)
Mark with Katy Lang, waitress at The Granary, Leith (photo by Terry Murden)

An app has been developed by a Bonnyrigg based IT specialist that will enable diners to show their appreciation for great restaurant or bar service.  

Mark Higgins, of TipMyServer, said: “Tips often go straight to management for dividing amongst staff, but many diners would prefer to tip a specific server and find that they are unable to, because of this policy.  

“So, I developed the app to give diners the option of giving tips direct to individual waiting staff, or split across many, to reward them for excellent service.”

The development of the app follows the launch of a government investigation into restaurants keeping staff tips.  This was initiated last August by Sajid Javid, the then UK government Business Secretary.  

Mr Higgins added: “I believe that this app is unique: no one else is offering the facility for a tip to be sent direct to an individual.”

2016-10-05-12-00-30The app, which is free to download, has two accounts available: one for the diner, to enable them to tip their server; and one for the server, who can track tips received. 

The app also offers restaurants and bars the opportunity to promote their venue, so offers benefits to employers as well as employees. 

There are plans to roll-out the app worldwide. 

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