Return possible for ex-premier

Former PM Blair hints at return to frontline politics

Tony Blair vidTony Blair has hinted at a potential return to the frontline of politics after expressing his concerns over the choice facing British voters.

The former prime minister said the country was face with a Eurosceptic Conservative Party and an “ultra-left” Labour party.


Mr Blair, who won a record three general elections as Labour leader, told Esquire magazine: “I don’t know if there’s a role for me. There’s a limit to what I want to say about my own position at this moment.

“All I can say is that this is where politics is at. Do I feel strongly about it? Yes, I do. Am I very motivated by that? Yes. Where do I go from here?

“What exactly do I do? That’s an open question.

“Frankly, it’s a tragedy for British politics if the choice before the country is a Conservative government going for a hard Brexit and an ultra-left Labour Party that believes in a set of policies that takes us back to the Sixties.”

Mr Blair has already said he would wind down most of his business interests, prompting speculation of another career change.

Commenting on the divisions in British politics, he said: “I think it’s too soon to say the centre has been defeated. Ultimately I don’t think it will. I think it will succeed again.

“The centre ground is in retreat. This is our challenge. We’ve got to rise to that challenge.”

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