Founders 'all shook up' over beer

Brewers change names to fight Elvis lawsuit

Brewdog dreamBrewDog founders James Watt and Martin Dickie have legally changed their names in order to counter a lawsuit from the estate of Elvis Presley.

The pair have renamed themselves Elvis by deed poll as the brewery faces legal action over BrewDog’s grapefruit & blood orange IPA, Elvis Juice.

With typical irreverence, Mr Watt said:We’re Caught In A Trap and suggest the grey-suited Hound Dogs at the Presley estate recognise that the name Elvis is not exclusive.”

“From this point forward, Elvis Juice is named after us, the brewers formerly known as James and Martin. We may even file a case against Mr Presley for using our names on all his records without our written permission.” 

Mr “Elvis” Dickie added: “We would like to recommend that Presley’s Estate diverts its attention to another potential source of quick remuneration: a brewery that calls itself ‘The King’ of beer.” 

Since its launch this year Elvis Juice has become one of BrewDog’s best-selling beers across Europe.

One Comment to Brewers change names to fight Elvis lawsuit

  1. Elvis juice is a great beer, and has a high IBU value, Taste the grapefruit and hops in it, plus its fairly strong! IBU = 40. ABV is 6.5%

    How silly to be threatened with a law suit over naming a beer!

    Some people cant just have a laugh along with these awesome guys at brewdog, who obviously have a great sense of humour!

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