Ex-minister claims she was gagged

Altmann: ‘I was censored for backing pensions women’

Ros AltmannFormer pensions minister Ros Altmann has claimed she was gagged when she tried to speak out in defence of women who say they have been denied their full pension rights.

Ms Altmann has backed the campaign group Waspi (Women Against State Pension Inequality) which has hired Blindmans, the law firm to take the government to court.

The campaigners say the government failed to adequately inform thousands of women born in the 1950s that the state pension age would be advanced from 60 to 66.

Ms Altmann said in a series of tweets today that she regularly told ministers that the changes were “wrong” and has offered to help the Waspi campaign.

In one tweet she says: “My letters were censored if I even expressed sympathy.”





Bindmans has said that Waspi can seek either a judicial review challenge to the legality of the changes to the state pension age, or maladministration complaints regarding the wholly inadequate information given by the Department for Work and Pensions regarding these changes.

The government has so far rejected calls for a review and a proposal by the Commons Work and Pensions committee to introduce transitional payments to ease the impact moving the pensions age.

Former pensions minister Steve Webb admitted to MPs late last year that it was  “abundantly clear there are a bunch of savers who didn’t know [about the age rises]”.

A key plank of Waspi’s case is that thousands of women were not given sufficient warning of the changes.

Waspi is crowdfunding the legal fees through donations from members of the public.

Daily Business has received more than 220 comments from women angered by the changes to the state pension age which was introduced in a services of acts of parliament.

Women who have paid their full contributions claim the government is in breach of contract.

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