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Unite votes to end Wood Group strike

Scotland’s biggest offshore union has voted to end an industrial dispute after reaching agreement on cuts to pay and conditions.

Members of Unite working on Shell platforms across the North Sea walked out in July after rejecting proposed cuts by the oil facilities company Wood Group.

A a 24-hour strike was followed by a series of three-hour stoppages, and then a 48-hour strike on platforms owned by Shell. The Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Nelson, Gannet, Shearwater and Curlew platforms were affected.

The workers faced losing up to 30% in pay and allowances but the agreement will see far less punitive cuts.

A proposal to end the dispute was put to members on 12 September, and today the union announced that members had been accepted by 105 votes to 82. 

Unite regional officer John Boland said: “Our negotiations with Wood Group allowed us to reduce the levels of cuts being proposed to our members’ wages and terms and conditions.  

“We were able to secure improvements to competency payments and the introduction of a flexibility payment. Threats to life insurance, health care and sick pay have been removed. 

“We have a commitment to greater work security for ad-hoc workers, and they now have greater opportunities to progress into permanent posts.

“As ever, our members have shown themselves willing to be open to meaningful negotiations and are not blind to the challenges facing the offshore sector in these difficult times – but they have also shown they will not be treated unfairly. 

“I would like to pay tribute to all the stewards and members who stayed united, strong and determined during this dispute. They can be proud of the way they stood by each other in this difficult time.”

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