Ministers 'should be more hopeful'

SNP told to stop complaining and reveal Brexit plans

Murdo FraserThe SNP has been urged to state how it is going to make Brexit a success, rather than continue “complaining from the sidelines” about the result.

The Scottish Conservatives say the decision has been made and people and businesses across Scotland want to know how it will affect them.

Shadow finance secretary Murdo Fraser (pictured) says the Scottish Government could be focusing on ambitious plans for fishing, farming and tourism in the wake of the UK leaving the EU.

But since the vote he argues that the nationalists have “merely bemoaned the result and compounded uncertainty by threatening another independence referendum.”

The Tories point to a series of statistics suggesting Scotland is performing worse than the rest of the UK in terms of growth and the wider economy.

Mr Fraser is also critical of the SNP’s large business supplement, which makes a number of firms in Scotland the highest taxed in the UK.

“What we need to be aware of are the opportunities which will be afforded to Scotland as a result of the UK leaving the EU,” he said.

“But the question is, what steps is the SNP taking to assist businesses to take advantage of these opportunities?

“We know that the fishing industry sees a great future outside the EU, but what is the Scottish Government doing to help develop this?

“And what is it doing to develop a new farming policy for Scotland, given that support payments will have to be paid domestically?

“The same goes for the future of exports and tourism too, not to mention a number of other sectors.

“There are a whole range of policy areas where our departure from the EU opens up opportunities.

“Yet rather than take these forward, rather than be positive about the future, all the SNP wants to do is sit on the sidelines and complain.

“Scottish ministers must be less downbeat, less pessimistic, and be more hopeful and show some leadership in seizing these chances.”

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