Dickinson at business event

Metal singer advises ‘reinvention’ for oil barons

Iron MaidenHe is better known for his full throttle vocals with the heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Now Bruce Dickinson has been lending his voice to the oil industry.

Dispensing with the usual stage garb, a dinner-suited Dickinson told guests at an awards ceremony in Aberdeen that the oil sector faces similar challenges to those the music business confronted 15 years ago.

The digital age completely changed the face of the music industry, offering music for free and forcing musicians and labels to reinvent themselves. Many record labels bit the dust because they failed to adapt, he said.

“People did not want to be thieves − they were just enthusiastic about bands and could not believe their luck,” said Mr Dickinson, who is not only a commercial pilot, but is said to have a personal fortune of $115 million.

He said the low oil price meant those in the industry had to find new ways of using their assets.

“People still need energy, but they will use it and get it in different ways. If the oil industry only concentrates on digging stuff out of the ground it will go the way of the dinosaurs,” he said.


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