New real-time tool for traders

Marketplace launch for Beeks Financial

Gordon McArthurFintech company Beeks Financial Cloud, has launched Beeks Marketplace, a cloud- based portal that enables real-time connectivity to a variety of exchanges, data feeds, trading tools and news services.

Institutional traders, proprietary trading firms, brokers, wealth managers and high-end retail traders can use Beeks Marketplace for site-to-site and direct venue connectivity.

Gordon McArthur, chief executive, said: “We’ve seen a huge increase in trading volumes over our platform since the Brexit referendum and our customers want to be able to capitalise on this growth immediately.

“The industries our customers operate in, such as the Forex and Futures trading markets, are fast moving and through the marketplace they can now connect immediately with over 100 trading venues around the world.

“It’s unusual for a Scottish-based company to be making waves in this industry, which is typically US-centric. We are proud to be seen as innovators in our marketplace, demonstrating the technological prowess we have in Scotland.”


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