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Airport donates confiscated liquids to charity

liquids airportEdinburgh Airport is to donate confiscated liquids to charity ten years after rules came in to restrict items that can be carried in hand luggage.

Untampered liquids and sealed unbroken toys are to be donated to Guide Dogs Scotland for fundraising purposes.

The iniative, introduced from Monday, is in collaboration with Specialist Waste Recycling (SWR).

Sealed liquids including bottles of spirits, wine perfume and aftershave as well as children’s toys will be included. 

This comes 10 years on from the introduction of UK and EU rules on liquids in hand luggage which enforced a 100ml maximum per container and all containers had to fit in one small clear plastic bag.

The move is also designed to highlight of an ongoing passenger travel awareness campaign for passengers departing from Scotland’s busiest airport. 

Gordon Dewar (below right), the airport’s chief executive, said: “It is nearly 10 years on from the introduction of 100 ml restrictions through security – but sadly hundreds of litres of liquids have to be handed over at security every week.

“Most confiscations are bottles of water, other drinks and toiletries – but our security team are forced to take sealed bottles of wine, spirits, perfumes and aftershaves as well as some children’s toys too.

“We will be donating sealed untampered confiscated items to our Corporate Charity of the Year – Guide Dogs Scotland who can use the items for fundraising.

“In the weeks and months ahead will continue to highlight rules on security with an online and in terminal awareness drive to remind passengers in an effort to save them losing items.

Gordon Dewar 3“I recognise that it can be annoying for passengers to have liquids taken off them but these rules have been in place for 10 years now and as an airport we are legally obliged to enforce them.

“Hopefully it will come as some comfort to passengers that any confiscated sealed untampered liquids are used for the benefit of a great charity like Guide Dogs Scotland and not just poured down the sink, as they were previously and as happens at other airports.” 

Welcoming the move, Iain Gulland, chief executive of Zero Waste Scotland, said: “I’d like to congratulate Edinburgh Airport on this excellent initiative. Rather than have confiscated liquids and items thrown away, this initiative ensures that materials, that would otherwise have gone to waste, will benefit others.

“By reusing and recycling as much as we can, we divert valuable materials from landfill – hugely benefiting the environment and our economy.” 

Guide Dogs Scotland Community Fundraiser Kyla Stratton said: “We’re delighted that Edinburgh Airport will be donating to Guide Dogs items such as perfumes, aftershaves, and wines.

“Our volunteer fundraisers work tirelessly to support our life-changing services for people with sight loss, and the donated items will be welcome as raffle and tombola prizes.

“Edinburgh Airport staff have come up with a great way to support a good cause, while also highlighting regulations about liquids in hand luggage.

“Our preference is that passengers are aware of the regulations permitting a 100ml maximum per container, and don’t see their confiscated presents go to waste. But in future we hope that anyone whose liquids are confiscated, can take some comfort in knowing that the items will be donated to charity.”

One Comment to Airport donates confiscated liquids to charity

  1. If they’re considered safe enough to donate to charity, why are they being confiscated? The point of confiscating them is that they might not be what they purport to be. What if they’re harmful fakes, or worse – liquid explosive? If I were getting a bottle confiscated as it might be a dangerous liquid, I would insist on seeing it being poured down the sink.

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