Police arrest pair in Glasgow

Pilots in court on alcohol charge

United AirlinesTwo pilots appeared in court after being arrested in Glasgow on suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol

The United Airlines pilots, 35 and 45, were preparing to fly from Glasgow Airport to New York.

They were detained by police ahead of the 09:00 flight on Saturday which was headed for Newark Airport. It was carrying 141 passengers and was delayed until 19:15 with a new flight crew on board.

Police Scotland said the pilots were arrested in connection with alleged offences under the Railways and Transport/Safety Act 2003 (Section 93).  They were charged and released on bail at Paisley Sheriff Court.

United Airlines said the pilots had been removed from service and their flying duties pending an investigation.

Last month two Canadian pilots appeared in court on similar charges in Glasgow.

They were also released on bail.

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