Adventures of the Improvised Sherlock Holmes

Scriptless Sherlock is riotous fun


Racing Minds: Photo by Terry Murden (copyright)
Racing Minds: Photo by Terry Murden (copyright)

Improvised comedy is a risky business, both for the performers and the audience, though the anticipation and unpredictability usually make up for any shortcomings in the act.

Indeed, slip-ups, incoherence and illogical plots more often than not simply add to the fun.

The Racing Minds team who have teamed up for these impromptu plays build their plots loosely around Sherlock Holmes characters based on storylines suggested by the audience.

It is a riotous and baffling hour of laughter with the audience willing the characters to build a story with a beginning, middle and an end. With a new story to tell each time it’s remarkable how they manage to pull it off.

Great value for a fiver.

Rating: ****

Grassmarket Community Project, daily until 28th, 3pm




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