900,000 avoid payment

ScotRail crackdown on fare dodgers

Waverley stationScotRail is planning a crackdown on fare dodgers after revealing that 900,000 rail journeys per year go unpaid.

The most common form of fraudulent travel is declaring a shorter journey than that actually taken. 

ScotRail is encouraging customers to buy tickets before they board the train.

A survey revealed that 132 people travelled without a ticket on 10 services monitored and 450 flexible journey tickets were being used incorrectly during four days of monitoring at Glasgow Queen Street station.

ScotRail has invested in ticket vending machines at 26 additional sites, as well as upgrading the machines at a further 100 sites. In total there are now 260 TVMs across the network. A further 20 will be installed by the end of 2016.

Phil Campbell, ScotRail’s head of revenue protection, said: “It’s only fair that everyone pays the correct fare for the service they use. We’ve invested heavily in facilities to make it much easier for our customers to buy tickets in advance.  This means that staff on trains have more time to help customers with travel or other queries.


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