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Rio Games ‘will be the last for TV dominance’

TV OlympicsThe Olympic Games in Rio are expected to be the last where traditional television is the dominant means to view the action.

Social media and on-demand video are expected to become at leat equal partners to live TV by the time the next tournament comes around in Tokyo in 2020.

The BBC hit unprecedented audience heights, reaching a record  58 million viewers in the second week of the games.

This was through a variety of live action and also on demand services.

However, the biggest area of growth for the BBC has been short, social media-ready clips, complemented by live online streams, with 81 million viewing content in this way.

Dror Ginzberg chief executive of video creation platform Wochit, said:The popularity of such short, social-ready video, highlights the profound shift in viewer consumption, from long to short form video online.”

At the end of last year 46% of all video plays were on mobile devices, he says, and from this 69% watched on smartphones were under 10 minutes long.

“The BBC through its use of social video during the Olympics tapped into this developing audience very effectively,” said Ginzberg.

“The Rio Olympics will be looked at as the last games where traditional TV was priorities over other channels. For future Olympics, social media and on-demand video will become equal partners to live TV.

“This is especially true as viewing the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea will be impacted by a significant time difference in the UK, which will only hasten consumers’ move away from viewing the action on live TV, to social media and on demand video.”

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