Exposing Edith

Little Australian just perfect in Piaf tribute

Piaf pair

Michaela Burger takes on a big challenge, emulating the woman many regard as the greatest French singer of all time.

Not only does the Australian sing with perfect pitch, she achieves a performance that does Edith Piaf proud. The audience could have been listening to the ‘little sparrow’ herself. Burger is even of a similar stature at just 4ft 11in tall.

This performance is a delight as she takes the audience on a sixty-minute journey of emotional turmoil through classic songs and the tragic story of Piaf who lost her baby to meningitis and her lover in a plane crash on his way to visit her.

A remarkable coincidence is that a penniless Piaf was discovered while busking on the streets of Paris, while Burger was also performing on the streets when she was approached by her soon-to-be musical partner Greg Wain.

Burger’s beautiful interpretation in two languages does not disappoint. The performance is superbly supported by Wain, a quality acoustic guitarist with a complementary gentle and melodic voice. 

The audience delivered a standing ovation for this moving and exceptional performance at a bargain price.

Highly recommended.


Assembly George Square Studio 3,  Price: £5.  Time: 14:25  Dates: 4 -25 August (not 15th).

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