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Vlad againThe schools may be back, and the holidays over, but there is still round-the-clock fun to be had in Edinburgh until next Monday.

This is the last few days of the Fringe and if you have the time to take in a late show midweek, there is a multitude of options available. On week nights tickets should be easy to get. 

Indeed, as many locals are back at work and the tourists have yet to flock in for the final weekend, many shows will be discounted in midweek.  Check with venues before booking, to see if they are offering 2-for-1 or other discount deals.

There are so many late-night shows, it can be difficult choosing the right one.  I would recommend you try one of these.

Stand In The Square, St Andrew Square Garden,  11pm  Until Sunday 28th

I guested in this show last weekend, and it is a thoroughly enjoyable end to the day for performers and audiences alike.  Late shows in tents do not always work.  However, with a host as genial and off-the-wall as Gavin Webster, laughter is guaranteed from the start.  The audience was so responsive on Saturday, I genuinely thought they might bring the house down.  The bill changes nightly, so this is a show you can afford to see again and again.

The Stand Comedy Club (Stand 5), York Place  10.15pm  Until Sunday 28th

As a student, my first-ever job was working for Glasgow City Council Cleansing Department, emptying dustbins in Partick, so I was immediately lured by the title of this show.  Maureen Langan is a superb stand-up comedian, who also has her own radio show in the US.  In this very personal show, she uses her own childhood experience to mirror the trash celebrity culture of today.  This is thoughtful and insightful late-night entertainment.

Monkey Barrel Comedy, Blair Street 8.30-10.45  Until Sunday 28th

Another show where the bill changes nightly.  Edinburgh’s newest comedy venue, the Monkey Barrel on Blair Street, does a mid-eyeing show every night of the Fringe, hosted by the wonderful Gus Lymburn, who won the Best Compere prize at the 2016 Scottish Comedy awards.  On Sundays to Wednesdays, entry is free with a bucket collection at the end, while the Thursday to Saturday shows are ticketed.  Definitely worth checking it out.

The Stand Comedy Club (Stand 2), York Place   10.40pm Until Sunday 28th

James Nokise is one of the finest comedians to have emerged from New Zealand in recent years.  Nominated for multiple awards in his homeland, this is his first Edinburgh show as a solo performer, although is one of the tea, in the hit show Puppet Fiction.  So So Gangsta tells of his time in a youth gang in the 1990’s, and takes a light-heated look at gang culture and identity.  Noise is always an engaging and likeable comic, and I would heartily recommend this show as an ideal way to round off a day at the Fringe.

Gilded Balloon, Teviot Square  11.15pm  Until Sunday 28th

This show has a very interesting and unique concept. Joint comperes Jo Caulfield and Stuart Murphy interrupt their guests in the middle of their set to ask questions or start a conversation.  This can either take either take the show off on a tangent of unexpected comic brilliance or end up as a total car crash, which is precisely its appeal

The Stand Comedy Club, York Place 11.30 pm   Sundays to Thursdays

Andy Zaltzman has been hosting this late-night political stand-up show for over a decade.  He initially ran the show with John Oliver, who has now gone to have a stellar career on US television.  Zaltzman is one of the finest satirical comedians of his generation.  Zaltzman has different guests every night, and the line-ups include Rory Bremner, Matt Forde and Mark Steel.

Vladimir McTavish is appearing in his solo show “Scotland in Sixty Minutes” at Stand 5, York Place at 7.30 nightly until Sunday 28th August

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