All the King's Men

A vocal roller coaster of playful music

All the King's Men

The cold and vast space in St Stephen’s Church, Stockbridge, was brought stunningly alive by the echoing, melodic sounds and creative cappella arrangements of this captivating choir.

The choir is made up of 10 harmonising voices from the student cappella singing society, who are studying at Kings College London. It is their seventh visit to the Fringe after previous sell-out performances.

It was an hour of delightful music taking the audience on a roller coaster journey of playful sounds, body moves, beats, harmonies and unreachable notes, that leaves the audience admiring the capabilities of their vocal chords. 

The music was a mix of songs from Sam Smith to Tina Turner, and the ATKM’s current studio album called 11.

At times it was hard to recognise songs due to the group’s cappella interpretation, however the highly choreographed dance routines that accompanied each  arrangement, leaves you grinning cheekily along with the performers. 

Recommended to all those who appreciate a pure vocal arrangements and a humour packed performance. Definitely a delight to all the senses, it won’t disappoint. 


St Stephen’s Hall, Stockbridge 

17.55pm ,12th to 29th August

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