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Little appetite for second referendum

Fix Brexit before IndyRef poll, say voters

Derek Mackay - insists support is rising
Derek Mackay – insists support is rising

A third of voters want Scotland to wait until the UK’s deal with the European Union has been settled before holding another poll on independence, according to new research.

The survey byYouGov for the Scotland in Union campaign group found 32% of Scots lack any appetite for a second referendum while 25% do not want another vote on independence until at least 2030.

Just under a fifth (17%) said Scotland should rule out another referendum altogether and accept the result of the first, while a similar number (16%) want a vote as soon as possible.

Alastair Cameron, of Scotland in Union, said: “We know the EU referendum result has left many Scots disappointed and some people are calling for the debate on Scottish independence to be re-opened.

“This poll shows that Scotland does not want to rush into another referendum and one in three Scots want to see what Brexit means before deciding on our future.

“We believe people deserve to know what this new landscape will mean for trade, for currency and for our borders.

“Importantly, before dragging Scotland into another referendum, we need to hear from those proposing Scottish independence how we would deal with Scotland’s £15 billion deficit.”

UK Government minister Andrew Dunlop said: “The results of this poll show that the majority of Scottish people don’t want another divisive constitutional debate. The arguments for Scotland remaining a part of the UK are just as compelling as they were in 2014 – in or out of the EU.

“The Prime Minister has been very clear that we are going to make a success of Brexit, and the focus now needs to be on collaborative working with the Scottish Government as ‘Team UK’ to ensure the best possible deal for Scotland and the rest of the UK. A strong and united Union will mean a safer and more secure future for everyone in the UK.”

However, the SNP put a different interpretation on the poll, arguing that it showed a rise in former No voters reconsidering independence.

It said the survey showed that support for independence had risen to 47%, an increase since the last poll by the company. 

Business convener Derek Mackay said: “This poll is the latest to demonstrate that many No voters are reconsidering their opposition to independence now that Scotland faces being dragged out of the EU against our will. 

“In light of the overwhelming vote to remain in the EU, it is right that the Scottish Government explores every option to protect our relationship with and place in the EU – including the option of another independence referendum if that is what it takes.

“The UK that Scotland voted to remain part of in 2014 is changing fundamentally. The complete lack of planning by the UK Government for this referendum outcome has created tremendous uncertainty for business, for investors, for EU citizens living in the UK and for our public services and there are growing concerns over the plans of an increasingly right wing UK government.

“In that context, it is little wonder that more and more people are seeing independence as the option that offers the greatest certainty and stability.”

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