Deals complement British Gas tie-up

TenTel acquires Hallmark to create lettings hub

Robert McKechnieChallenger telecoms company TenTel has acquired utility management firm Hallmark to create what it says will be an all-inclusive hub for the lettings industry.

The deal will complement an ongoing partnership with British Gas.

Managing Director of TenTel, Robert McKechnie said the acquisition was an “exciting next step” for the the company, increasing its service capacity for letting agents nation-wide.

He said: “We were impressed with Hallmark’s 12 years’ service in the industry and identified this merger as the way forward to provide an all-inclusive service.” 

Hallmark helps letting agents manage tenant utilities, council tax and property services and is currently used by more than 1,200 agents in the UK.

TenTel is one of the few service providers that offers no-contract and short-term contract broadband and telephone services and says it is gaining 1,000 customers every month.

Photo: Robert Mckechnie

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