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Distillery strength for core brands

Strathearn, the strongest gin range in the UK

Strathearn_OakedHighland_003The strongest gin range in the UK has just been launched by Perth-based artisan spirits producer, Strathearn Distillery. At 60.5% ABV, the distillery strength versions of their four core gins will pack a punch.

Strathearn is the first traditional single cask distillery to begin production in more than 100 years, implementing traditional methods to create individual batches of spirit.

Tony Reeman-Clark, founder, said: “We toyed with what we would call the range. Scotland doesn’t have a Navy so we didn’t want to name it Navy Strength so Distillery Strength seems most appropriate.

“We tweaked and developed the recipe so that they held true to their lower- strength versions but at the same time had their own character.

“Finally there was only one question, how strong? One of the team turned to me and asked how old I was and suggested the gin should be as strong as my age… so the gin become 60.5% ABV. The strongest gin in the UK.”

The balance in the distillery strength gin is achieved by using two distillations instead of the normal one to create the powerful spirit.


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  1. Hi, Strane London Dry Gin Uncut Strength from Sweden is 76% Vol., so Strathearn at 60.5% Vol. may be the strongest Gin produced in the UK, but it is not the strongest Gin available in the UK.

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