New PM pledges to work for everyone

May lays down gauntlet to SNP with defence of union

Theresa May makes makes pledge on social justice (BBC)
Theresa May makes makes pledge on social justice (BBC)

Theresa May, the new Prime Minister, tonight issued an uncompromising message to Nicola Sturgeon, stating in her first speech outside Downing Street that she believed firmly in the “precious bond” of the union.

Just minutes after accepting office from the Queen at Buckingham Palace, Mrs May noted that the “full title of my party is the Conservative and Unionist party”.

She said: “The word Unionist is very important to me. We believe in the union and the precious, precious bond between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

Her comments on the union will be seen as a direct message to Scotland’s First Minister that she has no intention of sanctioning a second referendum on independence.

In her address she made a clear commitment to follow David Cameron’s legacy of delivering on social justice.

She said she was following in the footsteps of a “great, modern Prime Minister” who had stabilised the economy and reduced the budget deficit but whose legacy was to tackle low wages, introduce same sex marriage and take more people out of paying income tax.

“It is in that spirit that I plan to lead,” said Mrs May.

She said she believed not just in a union of the nations of the United Kingdom but in a union of people, “whoever we are and wherever we are from”.

She repeated her comments from earlier in the week about disadvantaged groups and today said she wanted to help those who were “just managing”.

On the Brexit talks she said she will forge “a bold, new positive role for ourselves in the world.”

On Monday she spoke about bridging the pay gap, starting with excess salaries paid to boardroom executives.

Mrs May is expected to reveal her key Cabinet ministers by the end of the week with some of the most senior positions likely to be announced tomorrow (Thursday).

20 Comments to May lays down gauntlet to SNP with defence of union

  1. Scotland does not need the permission of another country or its unelected leader to take our place in the world…..The English do not own us and they will find out pretty soon that they do not own any of our resources either….which, quite frankly, is all they are really interested in. We will be independent ….that is only a matter of time now and that is, only and alone, ours to take. Certainly would not be wise of May or anyone else to push us to far.

  2. She’s fighting against the tide, and the tide in Scotland is definitely surging towards independence. If we had a vote tomorrow we’d win no problem.

  3. The union is not pining for the fiords, it has passed on. It is no more. It has ceased to be. It has expired and gone to meet its maker. Bereft of life, it rests in peace. If you hadn’t nailed it to the perch for the last 309 years it would be pushing up the daisies. It’s kicked the bucket, it’s shuffled off its mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleeding choir invisible. This is an ex-union.

  4. Nicola will pick up that gauntlet and slap her accross the kisser with it while whispering in her ear “butt out it’s none of your business” in a quiet but uncompromising way. The days of English Imperial Masters like May having any say in what haopens in Scotland are long gone. She should understand that.

    • Theresa May is responsible for what goes on in the UK, which Scotland voted to remain a part of.
      Nicola should shut up and get on with her day job.

      • And her day job is looking out for the interests of the people of Scotland. May is nothing to do with us and we’ll complete the paperwork to make that official pretty soon.
        The UK is already broken and anybody with an ounce of brains can see that.

        SAOR ALBA

      • Re: “Nicola should shut up and get on with her day job.”
        Sorry that I gave you courteous reply last time.
        You’re obviously an idiot.

  5. She means the union between the Tories in Scotland, England, NI and Wales. Nobody else matters.

  6. As far as Scotland is concerned she can go and do one, nobody up here elected her or her party into power

      • Yes but one of the main pillars of the argument to stay in the UK by the Better Together side was that to do so was to ensure our place in Europe!
        All bets are off now!

      • Scotland voted to remain in the UK *within Europe*. Now we have clearly voted to remain within Europe again. Westminster moved the goalposts post Independence referendum. So we need to hold another.

  7. As all referenda are purely advisory, Scotland doesn’t require permission to run one.
    Mrs May can lay down all the gauntlets she wants but she doesn’t speak for me or the majority of people living in Scotland who will lose out massively by being dragged out of the EU.
    She may not have done much campaigning but it is her party that are wholly responsible for the idiotic mess the UK is in right now.
    And to all the little Tory oiks out there who believe that everything will “be okay”, if it was a business you’d close the doors. Think on that one.

    Kindest regards,

    David Milligan

  8. She doesn’t get a say on Scotland after England and Wales leave the EU. She will see the full wrath of Scotland if she even tries to chain Scots to the UK and out of EU against our will. The UK government will NOT hold Scotland against its will. We, the people, are the sovereignty of Scotland and Westminster will not stand in our way. We will take it to the international courts if we have to. This union is coming to an end! We have had enough of our voice being silenced and Scots never voting a Tory government in many a decade..that is NOT democracy to Scots when we are lumbered with them time and time again.

  9. If she is looking to appeal to the man in the street can she explain the appointment of the same old white Tory millionaires in her cabinet? Usual Tory nonsense. Austerity is a choice, not a necessity. Tax the corporates and rich and fund public services.

  10. No way are we to be tied to an unfair system of Tory rule. Time for us to stand on our own two feet.

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