Stars of film back where it began

Leith gets new starring role in Trainspotting 2


Location site (by Terry Murden)
Location site (by Terry Murden)

Filming for Trainspotting 2 will bring the stars of the sequel back to Leith, location for one of its most famous scenes.

Daily Business has learned that a derelict site earmarked for housing off Leith Walk will be a location for the new film.

A sign for new homes on the sprawling site on Shrub Lane has been removed to help prepare for the arrival of the film crew who were in Edinburgh city centre yesterday.

Shoppers and tourists saw the re-enactment of one of the famous scenes from the original when Ewan McGregor and Ewen Bremner were seen running down Princes Street.

They were later filmed in Leith Street, with film crew hidden on the footbridge.

In the 1996 original Leith was the location for a pool game at the “Volley”, better known as the Volunteer Arms, although the interior scenes were actually filmed in a pool hall in Glasgow.

Former Volunteer Arms (pic by Terry Murden)

The pub was given a makeover and turned into a Cask & Still. This year it has had another change and is now known as the Mousetrap. Until recently there was a plaque on the outside wall telling the story of the pub’s link to the film.

When Daily Business reported the plaque’s removal the artist working on the new look decided to reference it in his work.

Irvine Welsh, who wrote the book, has also been made aware of the Trainspotting references and has Tweeted about it.

In the movie, the psychopath Begbie loses his rag with a young boy –  the “speccy wee gadge” – opening a bag of crisps.

The scene is recreated in a mural on the outside wall.

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