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Fish firm invests £35m in salmon farm

Scottish Sea FarmsScottish Sea Farms is spending £35 million on a freshwater site near Oban, as part of a £70m investment in rearing young salmon in environmentally friendly conditions.

The Stirling-based company’s plans will include 25 additional jobs.

Jim Gallagher, managing director, said: “We have ambitious plans for sustainably growing the volumes of salmon we produce to meet increased demand across the world for premium Scottish salmon.

“As part of this, we have been evaluating locations around Scotland to build and develop our freshwater business, and I am delighted that we have found a site that offers an ideal location providing everything we want in terms of power supply, freshwater and connection to the sea.

“As a result of this investment, Argyll will benefit from high-quality jobs and training opportunities which will include disciplines such as fish husbandry, bio-chemistry and engineering.”


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