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Elfab expands protection accessory range


ElfabWith more than 80 years experience within the pressure management industry, Elfab Ltd recognises the increased need for accessories to protect safety critical applications.

Pipe cover shields are the latest addition to Elfab’s pressure relief solutions designed to protect valve outlets from unwanted foreign materials such as weather, nesting birds or insects.

Suitable to operate in robust environments with high temperatures present, Elfab’s pipe covers will shield and save valve discharge piping and freely vented rupture discs from environmental obstructions and wildlife hindrances.

Using Elfab’s pipe cover shield will prevent costly damages or potential blockages, saving short-term and long-term investment. Contamination build-up will also be significantly reduced.

Its design provides enhanced protection of piping, rupture discs and safety relief valves from unwanted harsh materials, made for simple installation. 

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