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New breed of senior executive

Boards ready for arrival of ‘Chief Brexit Officer ‘

Philip PiperMurray McCallA boom in demand for ‘Chief Brexit Officers’ has been predicted as big business prepares for the aftermath of the EU membership referendum.

Search, the recruitment consultancy reckons there will be a demand for experts to fill newly-created roles of ‘Chief Brexit Officer’.

A number of firms have already responded to David Davis’s appointment as Cabinet Secretary for Brexit.

Big four accountant KPMG has assigned a senior partner to the role of Head of Brexit while law firm firm Anderson Strathern has launched a Brexit Group in response to client demand. It is understood that a new breed of Brexit Communications Officers are likely to be created in the PR industry.

Search director Phillip Piper (pictured above left), head of leadership practice, says this is “just the beginning of a growing trend that will sweep across all industries”. He believes the landmark vote to leave the EU will see the creation of a raft of new six-figure specialist jobs to manage the switch.

He said: “Theresa May has already created a position within her cabinet to deal specifically with Brexit and now is not the time for big business to dither either. Those who act immediately and take action to deal with the fall-out from Brexit will be the ones that stay ahead of their competitors.

“Knowing the outcome has given organisations a better platform for planning, and in turn has created demand for a brand new type of specialist role.

“This will be especially important for those with vested interests in mainland Europe, whether as a main market for business or with EU offices and headquarters – they will need to hire staff to deal specifically with the aftermath and logistics of managing the transitional period following the Brexit vote.


“Adapting to life post-Brexit is going to be a drawn-out affair”


“Nobody is sure what will happen when the government invokes Article 50 but one thing is for sure – large businesses will not be entrusting this role to the unknown.”

Anderson Strathern has pulled together a 12-strong team, led by managing partner Murray McCall (pictured above right).

Robert Carr, chairman, said: “The outcome of the UK’s recent referendum on EU membership is making waves across the business scene and looks like it will continue to do so for the considerable future. 

“For that reason, and in response to demand from our client base, we have set up a dedicated executive team made up of partners and experts from across the firm to keep abreast of latest developments.

Me McCall said: “Adapting to life post-Brexit is going to be a drawn-out affair that will impact many of our clients’ day-to-day activities and strategic planning.  We feel the fast-changing landscape warrants a dedicated team who regularly meet to discuss implications and put a plan of action in place.”

The Anderson Strathern Brexit group is made up of:  Murray McCall, Managing Partner; Robert Carr, Chairman;  James Blair – Corporate Finance & Inward Investment; Paul Brown -Employment & Immigration; Bruce Farquhar – Energy;  John Kerr – Food & Drink; Fiona Killen – Parliamentary & the Constitution;  Steven McDonagh – Property & Knowledge Management; Douglas McLachlan – Contracts, Procurement & Competition Law;  John Mitchell – Rural Land and Business; Alun Thomas – Education;  Alec Stewart – Asset Management, Financial Regulation & Tax;  Catriona Watt – Healthcare.   

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