Car dealer hands out shares

Vardy marks birthday with £5m staff gift

Peter VardyPeter Vardy Group, the chain of car dealers, is marking its 10th birthday by sharing £5 million worth of shares with 800 staff.

To benefit from the average handout of £6,250 they must remain with the company for a minimum of three years and when they exercise their share options they will receive a loyalty bonus as well any uplift in the value of the share options over that period.

Since arriving in Scotland in June 2006 the Peter Vardy Group has grown from a dealership in Perth to 12.

Mr Vardy, chief executive, said: “It is a rarity in a privately-owned family business to give away such a significant amount of equity in the company, but when I set up the business in 2006 I had a vision to create the world’s best motor retail operation as measured by our colleagues, guests and communities in which we serve.

“We recognise that people want more than just a salary when they come to work. So we are creating a new type of company, for a new generation, with flexible working patterns in a modern environment where colleagues, now partners in the business, can flourish to everyone’s benefit. That has been my focus for the last ten years and this exciting new Partnership Share Scheme locks-in that vision.

Peter Vardy 10th

“We truly believe that with happy, motivated and engaged partners it will lead naturally to customer or, as we say, guest satisfaction and will ensure our continued success as a business.

“Being part of the Peter Vardy Partnership will allow partners to truly shape the future of this company for the benefit of everyone.

“We will focus on this through our Peter Vardy Partnership meetings with a continued focus on our business, where every pair of hands is a free brain and in turn, serves to increase the value of our collective share ownership as we grow.”

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