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Ryanair will urge customers to ‘vote Remain’

Michael O'Leary sky vidBudget airline Ryanair is to send an email to five million customers urging them to vote for Britain to remain in the European Union.

The  Irish operator will argue that the UK economy will be stronger as part of the EU.

In the email, according to Sky News, it will agree that the EU needs reform, but will say that the UK needs to remain in the EU to drive this change.

Its message will also be sent to 300,000 British citizens living overseas. The message says:

“A Remain vote will lead to more job creation, stronger economic growth, more foreign direct investment – and more importantly, even more low fares.

Copywriting 3 72dpi bigger with outlines“We agree the EU needs reform, but we need the UK to remain in the EU to drive this change.

“We urge all British citizens to vote Remain on 23 June. Just don’t miss the registration deadline of 7 June.”

The email has sparked criticism from the Vote Leave campaign. It follows concerns that the business may be breaking rules, which require anyone spending more than £10,000 on campaigning in the referendum to register with the Electoral Commission.

The airline has previously offered discounted flights to customers seeking to return home to the UK and vote remain.

Ryanair offered voters a “Brexit special”, where overseas travellers could book tickets to any London airport for a fare as low as €19.99 on the 22 and 23 June.

After the complaint was levelled at the company Ryanair’s chief executive Michael O’Leary (pictured), said: “The ‘Leave’ campaign must be getting really desperate if they’re objecting to low fare air travel for British citizens.”

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