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MacGeoch’s ‘missing link’ for whisky tourists

Kirsty MacGeoch 2Whisky tourists are being offered a new way to explore Scotland’s distilleries.

Young entrepreneur Kirsty MacGeoch says the industry has plenty to offer and 1.5 million visitors wanting to enjoy a dram.

But she reckons it needs a more personal touch and she has launched Whisky Co to provide what she calls “the missing link”.

Based in Edinburgh and supported by the Entrepreneurial Spark business accelerator, Whisky Co connects people to Scotland’s distilleries through tailored whisky experiences.

Hailing from Scotland’s whisky capital, Speyside, Ms MacGeoch has created and hosted many VIP distillery trips for whisky brands over the past five years. She is now using this experience in her new venture.

“Everyone has a different taste when it comes to whisky and it’s the same when it comes to holidays,” she says. “Whisky Co. stands for Whisky Connections, as that’s exactly what we do, provide that connection between the distilleries and the tourists.

“I wanted to share my knowledge of Scotch and Scotland with the world to ensure visitors get the best out of what our country and its wonderful whisky have to offer.”

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