Step up from head of operations

Astrosat makes space for COO Dean

Georgy DeanSpace services and management company Astrosat has appointed Georgy Dean, previously head of operations, as interim chief operating officer (COO).

Ms Dean has a background in teaching physics and was recruited to Astrosat in 2015 after completing her M.Sc. degree in Space Science and Engineering.

Steve Lee, chief executive of Astrosat, said: “Georgy has done outstanding work for the business in the past while operating remotely, and I’d always said if she was here at Astrosat HQ in Edinburgh, I’d make her COO on the spot. I’m delighted to have secured the opportunity to make good on that.”

On the deficit of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) careers, Ms Dean said: “There’s always been an attitude, rightly or wrongly, that girls struggle in STEM subjects because they feel greater societal pressure not to be wrong, and STEM subjects are very much right-or-wrong answers.

“I think the world is full of women who are perfectly capable of having a very successful career in space, or other fields in STEM, and I want to show that. Astrosat is a great example of how we can show the way.”

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