Threat of legal action

Wolves howling over BrewDog’s new logo

Lone WolfWolves FCA legal battle may be about to kick off after after an English football club raised objections to a new logo for brewer BrewDog’s latest range of drinks.

The craft beer company last week unveiled the logo for its Lone Wolf spirits. Designed by B&B studio, it features a simple geometric drawing.

But Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club is unhappy at the design which it says is too similar to its own wolf branding.

The club regards it as a “serious matter” and has been in touch with BrewDog demanding an explanation.

Wolves owns the global copyright on various versions of the wolf’s head, its club crests and badges.

Some fans have even asked whether the club has struck a deal with the brewer.

Wolves marketing boss Matt Grayson told the local paper: “This is a serious matter which has been independently raised by a large number of people. Some have even questioned whether Wolves has licensed its trademark to BrewDog.

“Therefore, it’s causing confusion amongst our supporters and the general public and we’ll be contacting BrewDog to seek more details and to bring our registered trademarks to their attention.”

The wolf head has featured on the team’s shirts since 1979 and has been subject to previous legal wrangles.

Two years ago a group of New York City FC supporters were forced to remove the club’s wolf head badge.

BrewDog co-founder James Watt said the logo fits the new division’s personality “perfectly”, adding: “It manages to capture the craft essence of the brand, but presents it in a clean, stealthy, understated way, which will make Lone Wolf instantly recognisable.”

B&B studio creative partner Shaun Bowen said the identity needed to convey the brand’s rebellious “spirit” and “not get too carried away with branding.”



One Comment to Wolves howling over BrewDog’s new logo

  1. First of all Brew Dog is definitely not in the football business.

    Secondly, yes it similar to a WOLF head, but I am not aware of the fact that any football club registered WOLF’s head.

    As to the similarity in drawing it is far apart:
    1. no ornage color
    2. no eyes
    3. no hexagon
    4. different number of angles
    5. different shape of the nose
    6. includes Text.
    7. even the distance between the ears is different.

    The whole allegation has no grounds whatsoever.